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Confident in Performance

When I first received the chicken auto door, there was a defect in the display module. The company replaced it with a new one that has worked perfectly.
The auto door is very dependable, so that I am confident with not having to even check it. It works great.

Nancy Ziegler
April 7, 2022

Peace of mind

I have purchased doors from this company for years. I have 5/6 doors and just bought my first Wi-Fi door from them. Love love it! I can sit in my home and open or close the door whenever I want. The customer service is out of this world. Elam or Dawn have gone above to take care of any of my issues.

Christi Jones
April 8, 2022

Great Product

I purchased the coop door with the optional solar package to make chicken keeping a bit easier for me after my husband passed away. Although I believe the instructions recommended mounting it on the inside of the coop, a well-meaning friend mounted it on the outside. The only problem I have had with it being mounted on the outside was when we had some unusual heavy snowfalls in the Nashville area. With the snow and subsequent ice and thawing/refreezing, the door was hesitant to open. I simply hung a towel over the door to protect it/insulate it during the extreme conditions and did not have any more problems. I also purchased the optional solar kit and love it. The instructions did mention to mount the solar panel to the south side of the coop. Initially my friend mounted it to the north side and I had trouble with it charging enough to open/close. Once the solar panel was moved to the south side of the coop, I have not had any more problems. This product has given me such great peace of mind and was worth every penny!

Holly Reynolds
April 8, 2022

Life saving!

My door is about 6 yrs old. I’ve replaced a few parts (some under warranted, others at minimal cost). Every time, Ethan was “right on” with diagnosing my issue & quickly mailing me a replacement part. This door saved my girls. It is worth EVERY penny!

April 8, 2022

wonderful coop doors, wonderful service

I have three of the doors for my coops and have been very happy with them. After many years, one had a ribbon issue that Dawn immediately helped me send the unit in and Elam fixed it and sent it back ASAP. I would definitely buy from them again!!

kathy L
April 6, 2022

Best door on the market

Absolutely the best door on the market in terms if engineering, functionality, ease of use and reliability. I have been using SmartPet Auto doors for about 6 years with no complaints. I have had questions and even a lightning strike, but Elam and Dawn were always there with second-to-none customer service.

April 6, 2022

5 years and still going strong

High quality hands down! It is such a good investment. I have had mine 5 years now. I had an issue and was able to fix without any problems. Excellent web site for troubleshooting. I wouldn’t be without this coop door. My chickens are happy too! Thanks for a super product!

Deb R
February 6, 2022

Best door on the market!

I have a lot of coops and I have purchased 6 of these doors and from my experience they are the best! I have purchased other doors and have issues with them so instead I bought another of these doors. I occasionally would have a issue with one and the customer service is the easiest to deal with and go above to help me out! I can’t say enough about how great this business is and the people (Elam and Dawn) who have helped me in the past. Now I’m waiting on the new wifi door to become available.

Christi Jones
November 29, 2021

Peace of mind

I love my control automated door. I work 10 hours shifts takes me an hour to get home from my shift, so my birds are left alone 12 hours at a time and with the automatic door it closes it at dusk, so I don’t have to worry about my hens being out there with other critters coming onto the place. I would have to try to find neighbors to close my door before and if I can find anyone then they were just left up open and that was scary because sometimes something would get in there. Now I don’t have that problem I’ve got this automatic door opener and closer and my girls are safe, and I’m happy.

Nina Jorgenson
August 25, 2021

Love my 2015 Advanced Model

My 2015 Advanced model is still going strong, but I realize that it will not last forever. I had problems in the beginning, because the product was new, but the company was fantastic in solving all problems, even sending me a new module when mine malfunctioned. I am sad that the new complete door will not work in my coop, so when I have to replace my opener, I will be forced to purchase an opener with less features. Love, love, love the sunrise/sunset feature. I will never find another opener with all the features & electric operation like the original. I highly recommend the company & I am sad that I can never get another module like the old one.

Cindy A Noll
May 4, 2021

This is the coop door I was looking for.

I bought this automatic door for my chicken coop last spring.
I refused to buy any China junk from Amazon so I decided on this outfit because it is American made. In addition, I know that the Amish build things with good workmanship.
The unit is well made with heavy duty components and parts, the minute I took it out of the box I could see it was heavy duty and not flimsy in any way.
It works great and is easy to program. It is worth every cent I paid for it and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company.
Don’t waste your money on the cheap Chinese stuff, pay a couple more bucks and get this door.
I installed it in 10 minutes with my cordless drill, plugged it in and programmed the timer in 1 minute.
These guys make a good product.

Clark Hicks
July 28, 2021

Good customer service

I had some trouble with the battery compartment in my door. Dawn was quick to respond to my emails and phone calls and made sure I was able to send the piece I needed in for repair/replacement. I will buy from this company again, knowing they stand behind their products and will work to make things right.

July 19, 2021

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