FAQ’s about The Auto Pet Door 

Modes of Operation

  1. What is UTC time?
    A: UTC is the abbreviation for the Universal Time Clock. It is the time standard commonly used across the world and across internet networks.
  2. How is UTC time different from local time?
    A: The local minute hand will be identical to the UTC minute hand if local time is correct. The Local hour hand will be offset from UTC hours based on longitude, latitude and whether Daylight Savings Time is implemented in the local area.
  3. If Sun Mode is Active, do I need to adjust the clock for Daylight Savings and Standard Time?
    A: Auto Door will track Sunrise and Sunset based on Universal Clock Time so resetting the clock is unnecessary. However, if you view the Auto Door screen, the clock time could be off by 1-hour.
  4. If Sun Mode is Active and I decide to change the Auto Door clock time, do I need to reenter UTC time?
    A: Although you have the opportunity to reenter UTC time when you adjust Auto Door’s clock settings, it is unnecessary. After setting up UTC time when you first install Auto Door, there is no need to reset UTC time unless the location of the device is moved to a different time zone.
  5. When the power is disconnected will I lose my settings?
    A: You will not lose your settings, they are saved in computer memory.
  6. How do I open the control box?
    A: When facing the unit lightly pull the upper left corner of the control box to open the hinged case.
  7. Where do I install batteries?
    A: Open the control box door; you will see a battery holder (for 4 batteries) on the inside of the case.
  8. Are the batteries used for backup power?
    A: If you have another power source, your batteries will act as backup power should you have a power outage.
  9. Can I use lithium batteries in my Auto Door?
    A: It is not advisable to use Lithium Batteries. If using the Solar Kit, regular batteries may be used as backup power.
  10. Will my Auto Door function properly in the cold weather?
    A: Yes, depending on the temperature. The gears, oil, and pcb board components are theoretically operational down to -60 F. When the temperatures reach zero, the Auto Door drive unit will start up more slowly than usual and the display will not be as bright or responsive as it is in warmer temperatures.