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Chicken Coop Essentials

Do you know what the most important chicken coop essentials are? Are you curious about what the “Taj Mahal” of chicken coops features for their flocks? We’re breaking it all down in this list of 16 chicken coop essentials so that as you design your coop and chicken run you don’t miss anything important and you create the perfect place for your chickens to be safe, happy, and thrive. 
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20 Ways To Protect Your Chickens From Predators

Nobody ever wants to find pillaged eggs, dead chicks, or that their favorite hens have become an afternoon or midnight snack to a chicken predator. You can do lots of things to keep your chickens safe! We’ve got a full list of 20 ways you can keep your chickens safe from predators.
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7 Deadliest Chicken Predators

The most devastating feeling can be coming out to your chicken coop in the morning and finding that a chicken predator broke into your coop overnight and stole one of your flock. We don’t want that to ever happen to you and your chickens! The saying goes that the best offense is a good defense and when it comes to defending your chickens from predators that’s absolutely right!
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Automatic Chicken Door Opener

New Automatic Chicken Door Opener Table Of Content Why Should You Purchase An Automatic Chicken Door? How Does Auto Chicken Door Make Your Life Easier? Have You Forgotten to Lock The Chicken Coop? Benefits of Automatic Chicken Door Opener Few…

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7 Things You Need to Know About Chicken Coop Doors

It’s hard to keep your chickens safe from predatory animals. For whatever reason, it always seems like something is trying to eat your chickens. Foxes, raccoons, and coyotes seem to be experts at getting inside chicken coops (no matter how secure) and turning your chickens into tasty snacks. One way to prevent this is with an automatic chicken coop door.

Keep your flock safe with an automatic chicken door