Install and Set Up Your Auto Chicken Door

You have purchased the auto coop door and you are now ready to install and set it up. We have created a guide for you with images and text to help you quickly install and then set up your automatic chicken coop door. Follow the instructions below and feel free to contact us with any additional questions. 

Operating The Auto Coop Door

Main Buttons

Mode – Allows you to navigate to different modes.
Open – Allows you to open door manually and set the hour.
Close – Allows you to close the door manually and set the minutes Set Up Instructions

Manual Run

This mode allows you to open/close the door manually.
If this mode is left in Manual Run, please note that the door will not operate (open/close) automatically.

Timer Mode

The door will automatically open /close at set times.
If you switch from Manual Mode to the Timer Mode, the door will automatically go to its set position.
Important – A green light will be displayed next to “Timer Mode” indicating this mode is ACTIVE. This light must be on for this mode to operate automatically.

Clock Time Set

Allows you to set the current time.

Open Time Set

Allows you to set a specific open time.

Close Time Set

Allows you to set a specific close time.

WiFi Smart Run

This feature is coming soon. You will need the WIFI unit that is de- signed as a accessory for the unit for this to operate.


The decimal point at the bottom right hand corner of the display indicated AM and PM
No Decimal showing = AM
Decimal Showing = PM

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smartcoop in coop 1

Installing The Auto Coop Door

step 1

Step #1

Find a good location in your chicken coop to install your new door.
Cut an opening 10 1/4 in. wide x 12 in. high or you can set the door to cover your existing coop door opening. It is recommended that the door is installed on the inside of your coop.

If the door is installed on the outside, it will need to be pro- tected from the weather.


Step #2

(If you did not purchase the WIFI unit, you can skip this step)
Power up your door and go to the manual mode to lower the door. (see manual run for instructions to lower the door) Now take the wire that con- nects your WIFI unit to your control panel, feed it through the hole in the top of the door and plug it in the back on the bottom of the control panel.

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Step #3

Set up your power supply.
If you got the solar kit, go to solar kit instructions.
If you purchased the 12V wire to connect directly to your own 12V battery, you will need to disconnect your 110V power cord from the bottom of the control panel and plug in the 12V wire. (note- you cannot use two power sources)

Feed your power supply cord through the hole in the top
of the door and then plug in the bottom of the controller accessible from the back side. of the door.


Step #4

Attach the door to the wall with 4 screws. (provided)
2 screws at the bottom and 2 screws at the top.