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Your Auto Chicken Coop Door Builder

Pet Auto Doors is a division of our family-owned manufacturing company (Bird In Hand Pet Structures) which was founded in 2007 on a farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Bird in Hand Pet Structures is an Amish-run manufacturing company that builds chicken coops and dog kennels. Because of our experience with chicken coops, we understand the need and importance of a chicken coop auto door that offers the proper options to make our lives a bit easier. We believe that we have created the best auto chicken coop door on the market. We look forward to assisting you and answering any questions you have.

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Why we started building the Auto Chicken Coop Door?

A few years back our Hen House Collection customers’ expressed a strong interest in a reliable auto chicken coop door opener. We have personally tried them all and have offered some of them as options on our chicken coops. But, we were not satisfied with products available on the worldwide market. We finally decided to design our own and are confident that we now have the best heavy-duty auto chicken coop door on the market.

We keep chickens ourselves and rely on our own products every day. Because we use our own products, you can expect us to innovate and use our experience to bring you the best Auto Door on the market, now and in the future. Please keep in mind that ALL of our Auto Doors are put together by hand. We do not use machines to assemble any parts of the door. We personally handle EVERY door that goes out the door.

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Keep your flock safe with an automatic chicken door