We are aware of some powering issues with the Wi-Fi Controller and have found that this is due to outdated Firmware.

The latest software on the App should fix this issue. 

Download the latest app

Press factory reset until the opener beeps.

Download the latest firmware onto the opener

Having the most up-to-date software will keep you from having these issues, so it is important to keep your App Firmware updated to the most recent version and may need to be done periodically.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we navigate through these bugs. If you still have issues after taking these steps, please call us at 800-490-3163.

We just purchased the new 2020 Pet Auto Door for our chicken coop. We had the old version and this new one was easy to set up and program. Exceeded our expectations. We love it!!

M. Watkins
automatic chicken door installed

Keep Your Flock Safe with Automatic Chicken Doors

clipped smartcoop

The SmartCoop Automatic Chicken Door

The smart coop chicken door combines quality with convenience to give you the best option to care for your chickens. Control your coop with timer settings and never worry about the safety of your flock again. Our heavy-duty door is built to withstand the toughest of the predators, so all your chickens will now be protected.

predator free automatic chicken door

Predator Free

new design automatic chicken door

New Design

automatic chicken door new features

New Features

heavy duty automatic chicken door


Benefits of Automatic Chicken Coop Doors

predator proof chicken door

Predator Proof

The heavy-duty Amish made aluminum door with strong polycarbonate cover creates a strong barrier between predators and your chickens.

easy installation chicken door

Easy Installation

Install your automatic chicken coop door in 4 simple steps. We have created a DIY automatic chicken coop door installation page to make this process quick and easy. 

chicken door operating modes

Different Operating Modes

Timer, override, and manual modes allow you to control the door based on your schedule, so you never have to go out of your way. 

chicken door power options

Multiple Power Options

The door can be powered with 12 volt batteries or electric, depending on your preference. The automatic chicken coop door can also be upgraded to solar power for an additional cost.

Why Pet Auto Doors

Pet Auto Doors is a division of our family owned manufacturing company (Bird In Hand Pet Structures) which was founded in 2007 on a farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Bird in Hand Pet Structures is an Amish run manufacturing company that builds chicken coops, dog kennels, and automatic chicken doors.

Because of our experience with chicken coops, we understand the need and importance for an automatic chicken coop door that offers the proper options to make our lives easier. We believe that we have created the best chicken coop auto door on the market. We look forward to making your life easier and keeping your chickens safer.

Out with the Old, In with the New

At Pet Auto Doors, we stand behind our automatic chicken coop doors. To show that, we are offering a one year warranty on our automatic chicken coop door and a 4 year prorated warranty for all of our customers. Must have proof of purchase to be eligible to receive our 4 year warranty. This is our way of showing you that our new model has been tested for perfection and the flaws of the old model have been fixed.

Coming Soon – Upgrades!

chicken autodoor mobile app

Cell Phone App

You will soon be able to control and monitor your automatic chicken coop door from the comfort of your home, right from your cellphone. Our app will be portable with the wifi unit.

chicken autodoor sunrise sunset timer

Sunrise and Sunset Timers

Sunrise and sunset feature will be only available with the wifi unit. Your automatic chicken coop door can be upgraded to the Wifi unit even after the purchase of your auto coop door.

chicken security camera

Camera View

Are you someone who constantly worries and checks up on their pets? We got a solution for you. Included in the Wifi unit will be a camera to keep an eye out on your pets at all times through the mobile app.

Keep your flock safe with an automatic chicken door