Chicken Coop Doors

If you are looking for great add-ons to your chicken coop, then you have come to the right place! Pet Auto Doors carries the very best chicken coop door, in two models! You can choose either our BASIC model or our ADVANCED model of our chicken coop door opener. Both models offer the convenience of automatic door opening.

Our Advanced chicken door opener model offers the unique (patent pending) option of opening your Auto Door based on sunrise and sunset times. The Advanced chicken door opener model also calculates sunrise/sunset times based on your location. You have the ability to set the "offset" opening and closing times.

Once you determine when your chickens are ready to leave their coop in the morning and return in the evening, you can set your chicken coop door opener accordingly!

Auto Door

Choose from our Basic and Advanced Models.


Works with both our Basic and Advanced Models.

Auto Door Solar Kits

Our complete Auto Door Solar Kit.

About Pet Auto Doors

Pet Auto Doors is a division of our family owned manufacturing company (Bird In Hand Pet Structures) which was founded in 2007 on a farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Bird in Hand Pet Structures originally sold chicken coops and dog kennels. We have since grown, expanded our product line and have twice moved to larger facilities. Our ultimate company goal is to create the most useful, innovative products for the animal enthusiast.

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